At Oakfields, we place a great emphasis on extra-curricular activities and can offer pupils a thriving roster of stimulating pursuits to capture their imagination and compliment their lessons.

These activities contribute to the physical, emotional, mental and social development of every child and offer opportunities for creativity and self-expression, as well as contributing to the building of confidence and resilience.

We believe that education is as much about what happens outside a classroom as what happens within and our extra-curricular activities are a fantastic way for pupils to pursue their interests or try something new.

In partnership with staff, who provide expert supervision, our pupils will develop their growing sense of self-confidence, become increasingly articulate and hone a wide variety of skills, be it through sports, music, the arts, societies or other key activities.

A list of extra-curricular activities will be issued each term and our most recent schedule is as below. In the last year, these have been extended significantly, to include Fundamentals (agility, balance and coordination) and Melody Bear dance classes for our Nursery and Pre-Prep pupils, Clay Craft, Arts & Crafts and Multi-Skills (a range of games) for Years 1 and 2, through to Boxing (non-contact), Gardening and Chess for our pupils in Years 3 to 6.  It goes without saying that we also offer sport options for all – Swimming, Running, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Netball, Tennis and Cricket, and music – individual tutoring and choir and orchestra.

Whilst lunchtime activities such as Spanish are free, after-school activities are charged on a termly basis when confirmation of the club has been received. We also have a variety of school trips linked to the curriculum, as well as a biennial PGL activity holiday for Years 5 & 6, for example to France.


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