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Academic Excellence

Proud of our academic excellence.

As a non-selective independent school, we take great pride in our track record of academic excellence. All of our pupils receive personalised learning and individual attention, instilling a strong work ethic that consistently yields exceptional results.

We have an enviable record of success in supporting our pupils to secure places at their first-choice senior schools, including Grammar Schools and top-tiered Independent Secondary Schools.

Giving your child an exceptional start.

Come and discover Oakfields Preparatory School.

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Guidance from an early age.

We believe in tracking pupils from an early age, using National Standardised tests in English and Mathematics, among others, to assess the children's progress, monitor their development, and set targets for future attainment.

Progress Test in English (PTE) assesses pupils' technical English skills, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and reading comprehension.

The Progress Test in Maths (PTM) monitors their mathematical skills and knowledge in areas such as number, shape, data handling, and algebra, as well as their mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

The results presented below show age-standardised scores, with the orange dashed line indicating the national average of 100. Notably, our pupils have consistently achieved scores significantly above the national average.

Oakfields produces well rounded children while still ensuring high academic standards – in all this, our children are very happy there and look forward to going to school each morning.

– Oakfields Parent 2023

Nurturing a love of learning.

While academic results are vitally important to us at Oakfields, we place equal emphasis on providing a well-rounded education that cultivates enthusiastic, confident, and resilient individuals.

Our children leave here as resourceful and enthusiastic individuals, with a love of learning that will sustain them through their school lives and beyond.


Students enter exams confident and well prepared.

Preparation for the 11+ examination begins in Year 2 and progresses systematically throughout a student's educational journey.

By the time they reach Year 6 and sit for the exams, students are equipped with confidence and are well-prepared.

Key aspects of our 11+ preparations include:
  • From an early age, we prioritise creative writing skills, nurturing and refining them throughout your child's educational path.

  • Starting from Year 2, students are taught verbal and non-verbal reasoning. These skills are integrated into their regular curriculum subjects and are supplemented by standalone weekly lessons.

  • While we adopt a holistic approach to curriculum delivery, we ensure regular assessment through weekly tests on times tables and spellings starting from Year 3. Additionally, end-of-term assessments are conducted in exam conditions to familiarise students with the exam environment.

  • Students receive specialised interview preparation sessions with the Headteacher, Mr. Booth, to excel in the interview component of the 11+ examination.

  • We utilise Atom School resources to aid students in tackling ISEB-style questioning and to instil proper exam etiquette.

  • Regular assessments are conducted to hone students' higher order thinking and inference skills, crucial for success in the 11+ examination.

  • Students act as tour guides to prospective families during Open Events, providing them with valuable experience in communicating with unfamiliar adults.

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