Destination School Prep

The school prepares pupils for a range of destination schools including state, independent and grammar. This preparation becomes more explicit from Year 3 onwards.

Our preparation:

• Class debate (Year 3 -6)
• Speaking and Listening activities in every reading and writing week (Year 1 -6)
• Targeted interventions to identify and support misconceptions (Pre-Prep – Year 6)
• Timed writing piece every other week (Year 3- 6)
• Timed reading comprehension style questions every other week (Year 3 – 6)
• Timed arithmetic questions every week (Year 3 – 6)
• Additional support for specific entry requirements: interviews, science tests
• In Year 5, weekly timed destinations school style assessments throughout the summer term
• In Year 6, timed destinations school style assessments in the autumn term

Reading, Writing and Mathematics at Oakfields:

At Oakfields, in Key Stage 2, we have a heightened curriculum. This means that our teachers follow our own unique OPS curriculum which teaches children the skills and objectives from at least the year group above with some objectives taught from two years above. Therefore Children in Year 5 have access to the majority of the Year 6 reading, writing and mathematic objectives an academic year early. This is to ensure those pupils sitting 11+ or independent examinations have been exposed to the topics that they could be assessed on.

The Headteacher meets individually with parents of pupils in Year 4 to discuss senior school choices. During these meetings, we discuss the entry requirement process. Formal exams are held for the whole school at the end of each term.


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